Time now to rethink

Every good thing becomes part of life,
if intentions are in place & properly tuned to time
Planning happens at the back of mind when need of hour gets defined.

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When cause gets defined never think of anything else
Next thing is priority
It’s always one step at a time
Sooner or later everything else is going to follow.

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A well defined goal

Never wait for that moment in life when things will be alright
Overa period of time it will be realized that hope, ambition & expections are part of life.

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A Race Against Time

Realize the fact that life is small,
time short,
so many things need to be done within stipulated time,
important is to get started with something well defined.

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The Search Goes On

A search is always there
Search for something certain and definite
Something well defined
Intensified is the search as of now in the present
The search goes on.

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My aim in life

Defined and distinguished are the ways of getting things done
Established and settled are the ways
Ways and means of getting things done to reach the goal.

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