her body
a ripe peach..
the blush
of moonlight…

(49 Characters incl spaces)



Long ago an old man ventured
to walk down the street,
Cars avoided his body but
the cement still
captured his skull.

(117 characters incl. spaces)



all i am is a body
no more, no less.
how can i, so empty
become such a mess.

(76 characters incl. spaces)


Astral Body

Give me the ream, so I can write down this scene,
You see, I projected astrally, left my body,
All essence, I can’t describe my anatomy.

(137 characters incl. spaces)


Does your soul burn?

Does your soul
Wen you trade
Your body
To earn
Glamour I see
But are there scars within
In shimmering lights
And dingy rooms
The wounds

(148 characters incl. spaces)


body language

the mayor of the West Side struts
through attitude & posture
to deny the weight
upon his shoulders

(110 characters incl. spaces)


Familiar Paradise

my familiar paradise
is curled on the bed
languid body
moving seductively
inviting me in
I’m helpless to refuse

(139 characters incl. spaces)


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