My Kryptonite

My kryptonite is noise
For then I shall not write
Until the world becomes quiet and still
Then I shall write the story
Of my life.

(131 Characters incl spaces)



But when the sea hushes the shore
With foaming edge, another score,
Above the earthen howling voice,
A common wave devoid of choice.

(143 Characters incl spaces)


Work ethic

Work drains
pounds of flesh
from broken bodies.
Blood, sweat and tears
leak from pores
of shrivelled skin.

(108 Characters incl spaces)



Each wave is stirred by earthen wind
Against the distant shore,
Then flattened on the pearly grains,
As those that came before.

(129 Characters incl spaces)



he lays her head
down so softly
not wanting to wake
the sleeping baby;
he steals a kiss
and her lips curled
he knows she’s most
fragile in the world

(148 Characters incl spaces)



Dandelion florets
Release with a wisp of breath
Without footprints

(72 Characters incl spaces)


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