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Storytelling is an art practiced since ages,
only difference being plus or minus substance.

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Torments of the night

My life – Big, fat, crap, ugly beast, boring. I’ll gladly accept my lot. Thoughts that torment me at night, writ here now exposed to the light.

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Peace of Mind

Relaxed is the mind, refrained from past
Refreshed is the mind, since settled are the thoughts
A moment in time when everything seems to be as it was thought.

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The Step

in inches, she approaches
covered with cloth
of clarity and secrets
past baggage, future dreams
as she takes each step
to permanent company

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I thought I would make
tea for her but she was sleeping
I didn’t wake up
our back faced each other
once again cold birthday

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this morning
on my journey
along eavesdropping

all I heard was
“And R was like”

I wonder what R was
what R was like
and why R

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walking away free
overlooking the heartache
that is sure to come

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