A welcome change

As & when things seem to be right
Everything in it’s place
There’s a reason to smile
Since future seems bright
Life seems better.

(129 Characters incl spaces)


A storm in a teacup

Changes take place
Change is certain
Changes happen
Change is inevitable
But, then that’s one the reason why present seems certain.

(131 Characters incl spaces)



The world on fire
Sanctuary lost
And gone
In the blink
Of an eye
And inhumane
Peace is not found
Through war
Of an era
Of a new

(158 Characters incl spaces)



I miss not looking back
On fleeting moments
Just hours later
With a painful reminiscence.


(142 Characters incl spaces)



I’m sliding down life’s greasy pole
I’ve dug myself a great big hole
And though I try with all my might
There’s just no bloody end in sight!

(140 Characters incl spaces)