two gulls in the park, patting
pat the ground, making
it sound as if rain, raindrops
are hitting, hit the earth
and the worms they will come

(140 Characters incl spaces)



rosy, round-
supple, thick air
surrounds the beat,
the airy rhythm.
out, a forward
push of motion, hued,
saturated scarlet;
feel me.

(133 Characters incl spaces)


The Superior One

Her fortitude unrivalled
Her patience unmatched
Her intelligence unsurpassed
She is the inferior one, to be mocked and abused.

(129 Characters incl spaces)


For Years

In a silent bottle feelings have been feeling notes have been playing words have been writing themselves for years. Washed ashore greeted by air they’re heard.

(160 Characters incl spaces)





he lays her head
down so softly
not wanting to wake
the sleeping baby;
he steals a kiss
and her lips curled
he knows she’s most
fragile in the world

(148 Characters incl spaces)