Nature’s Cacophony

The chirping birds amongst the rustling leaves
The falling rain and the whistling wind
A magical beat all their own
Nature’s melody evergreen never worn

(154 Characters incl spaces)



She tiptoed through life
Till one day
A forgotten melody played, her anklets jingled
She danced and the world was her stage
and her life she scripted

(150 Characters incl spaces)


All I Have is but Trust

With my surety as my peace
I am content
as I cross the bridge alone to freedom beyond,
holding the tattered rails as I step.
Today, all I have is but trust.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


Fragments of Me

like a spider clinging
to her web as it blows
away in the breeze
I hold on to the
fragments that
once were me

(112 Characters incl spaces)


Her Journey

They left her all alone
One tear and one sigh at a time
She existed
Slowly, one prayer and one smile at a time
She lived

(122 Characters incl spaces)



We have a language no one else on this planet could possibly utter. It is only ours, we two.

(93 Characters incl spaces)


for FieryVerse

She is a lady in waiting,
She agreed to it. Crazy
silently hating the dress
wondering if she’s just
too old for dating.

(119 Characters incl spaces)