Invisible Fate

Some people become Invisible,
Reasons being the mental state or physical,
Don’t be invisible, or alone,
Be great and make your own fate.

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The Beloved

Loved by the Lord,
we love.
Forgiven by God,
we forgive.
Embraced by Grace,
we gracefully live.

Mary Harwell Sayler, ©2017, #micropoetry

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He must have been a ghost!
A woman shrugged at me as I watched the bus fly at his unmoved body.
He walked away, still unmoved.

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Time now to rethink

Every good thing becomes part of life,
if intentions are in place & properly tuned to time
Planning happens at the back of mind when need of hour gets defined.

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But when the sea hushes the shore
With foaming edge, another score,
Above the earthen howling voice,
A common wave devoid of choice.

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I grow older now
without warning or promise
faster than my dreams

r soos

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Waste of Time

Never give up in life for any random reason
Time spent is time consumed,
which means,
if you have decided to give up,
then from next moment,
time spent will be waste of time.

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Invisible I stand before you
You don’t notice me
You don’t want to
The air I breathe is yours
Without it
I shall perish

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