What is Gogyohka?

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Gogyohka, (pronounced go-gee-yoh-kuh), was created by Enta Kusakabe in Japan. Gogyohka literally translates as “five-line poem” or “song”. It is the latest development of the great Japanese tradition of short verse, but unlike its predecessors Haiku and Tanka, it has no fixed syllable pattern. There are also no conventions governing content and no assumptions about what is considered to be appropriately “poetic” language. Indeed Gogyohka’s accessibility and its power to speak directly to the heart and mind stem from the simplicity of its form, its frequent use of the everyday vernacular and the unwritten rule that almost any subject matter is game. More info at Gogyohka Junction. Also there is a twitter group that uses the hashtash Gpoem or 5poem for a special Gogyohka word prompt game.

Here are the latest gogyokha micropoems live from twitter, (a few poems may be in Japanese).Twitter hashtag: #gogyohka. Also check out  #gpoem (by Tina Nguyen)

all these broken promises - as if the river and its banks moved other than in concert #5lines #gogyohka

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If not ~ on the collision ~ in darkened clouds ~ difference of dawn ~ is so near #gogyohka #micropoetry #5lines

If not for ~ her painted fingernails ~ the colours in my palette ~ diminish ~ as a promised dawn #gogyohka #micropoetry #5lines