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I'm the Micropoetry Mistro. Poems here are submitted by members and are not mine!!!

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Alone in the homeland darkroom
I develop each scene that I took,
Words can reveal half the story,
But pictures expose the whole book.

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Cut Here

An execution, you’re writing,
Black hooded, drawn, my death.
Inked retorts, though hidden,
Function to keep you with breath.

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Three lines only

Should I write five lines or four?
To catch a firefly
I think three will be quite enough

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We are not in #danger
#Angels stay around
Wider virtuous circles

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The Gain

And the poet said to his muse
“I love you”
And the muse replied
“So do I”
And the world had gained a poem.

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Clear Midnight 2

Read the million-year poem
“Au minuit clair”
A petrified silence
In remembrance of forgotten worlds
Unknown colors painted on the stony past

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Snowflakes are learning french
«La neige tombe»
Souls are learning eternity
«Je t’aime»

(87 characters incl. spaces)



Skies are huge above
And your heart even more.

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Words in the light

Words in the light are shimmering
They remember eternity so vividly
And they’re flying over the infinity

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