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I'm the Micropoetry Mistro. Poems here are submitted by members and are not mine!!!

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I chewed it off my spite bitten face
With no smell for success or sweetness of taste
My lack of sense consumes my waist.

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Matchstick Man

Matchstick man
Straight up body, head that sparks
Why light me up to burn me out
And leave us both so scarred?

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The secrets that shroud me;
Your myths and your mysteries,
The screams of a legend
Disguised as a tragedy.

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Don’t let your heart sink;
You chose not to walk into the sea.
You think your #secret makes you shrink?
You’re still a giant to me.

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Mists of mistakes and clouds of doubt
No longer rule the skies
Liberated secrets disperse uncertainty
Revealing our true course

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Our Condition

Miss…conception, I carried a #secret
which was ours alone.
A sudden break, contraction, painful passage,
And now I hold it close.

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Blaze like the summer sun, burn bright
I look so dull standing in daylight
It’s easier to shine when stood in the dark
where cruel truths are not so stark

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I don’t wait with hopeless hope,
Nor do I tether your wings,
But I know no other knows
This strange song my #black heart sings.

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Intense delphiniums wait devotedly
For our drab souls
To turn blue

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Revisit your #childhood on the toboggan of metaphors!

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