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I'm the Micropoetry Mistro. Poems here are submitted by members and are not mine!!!

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Draw my blood, snap my bones,
Monitor beats, probe each part,
Put through each test to find what’s wrong,
I already know I’ve a broken heart.

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You love turning tables
I sat in a corner taking BEATS
I’ve turned that now
Your melodic #flow
Tainted by ugly interference
Your scenes no longer appeal to me

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Excuse Me

My mind & heart; each part to dissect
A mistake to confuse & bemuse your lovers
Talk of regret as I lose all respect
When man is minion to opinions of others

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Grainy Days

With time’s flow small grains of sand amass
Yet some specks try to cling to the hourglass

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Time Rhyme

Set to the beat of a pendulous song
A small hand & big hand tick along
Joined for a minute of each cycle’s block
Then part, left to #wait on the fate of a clock

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I had a sense of each presence
While you presented your image of me
I drew a self-portrait with sharp grey point
#Maybe you’ve seen what I want you to see

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Literally, I finished my book;
#new character map drawn in black and white,
The blanks filled in with question marks,
A fictional you in darkness and light.

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With Thanks

All that you gave me?
The heartburn, paranoia, feeling adrift,
stomach ulcer, & unknown enemies.
Spite; such a thoughtful #gift.

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