Ram Krishna Singh (184 Poems)

Have been writing poetry, including haiku and tanka, for the last four decades. Have authored 41 books, including 17 collections of poems. For more details, pl visit http://pennyspoetry.wikia.com/wiki/R.K._Singh

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A poem rests

on brain signals imaged

in words and silence

one decodes with dogsense

smelling twists and turns in rhythm

that turn it prophetic

(150 characters incl. spaces)



watery spot
cover the mirror
hazy image
he wipes
in the shade
can’t hide
the rotting ripeness
blocked off or picked up by sun
resurrect gloom
buried in the face

(160 characters incl. spaces)



i lost my sleep
over a thought I could not
make my own:
the sun’s antidote changed
the voice of the wind

(104 characters incl. spaces)


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