Ram Krishna Singh (184 Poems)

Have been writing poetry, including haiku and tanka, for the last four decades. Have authored 41 books, including 17 collections of poems. For more details, pl visit http://pennyspoetry.wikia.com/wiki/R.K._Singh

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I thought I would make
tea for her but she was sleeping
I didn’t wake up
our back faced each other
once again cold birthday

(123 Characters incl spaces)


Who cares

Helpless like a child
I cry but there’s no mother–
my pain turns monstrous
on a hilly bed I lie
aged burden but who cares

(122 Characters incl spaces)



I gave you my love
what more do you seek
to lighten the night
my beloved
let the fire burn
& consume the moth

(110 Characters incl spaces)


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