KylieEileen (12 Poems)

Film student with a love for words.

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How unable

How unwashed her hair is
How unrinsed from rinsing in
The shower that cleanses
Leaving her dry
And splattered
With emotion

(131 Characters incl spaces)



rosy, round-
supple, thick air
surrounds the beat,
the airy rhythm.
out, a forward
push of motion, hued,
saturated scarlet;
feel me.

(133 Characters incl spaces)



My stomach twists
In unsurity,
In meditation unmediated,
Of looking forward,
Consumed by its
Hazy unawares

(107 Characters incl spaces)



Clouds are low,
as if they are a part
of us,
a part of the
mosquito, landed on
the window, a
part of
grains of sand.

(117 Characters incl spaces)