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Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College and the author of eleven books of poetry, most recently 'Flying Solo: The Lana Invasion' from Poet's Haven Press. His poem "After" won the 2016 Asimov's Readers' Award. He has written in many other forms as well. Details can be found on his website HerbKauderer.com

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Guard Duty

Alone within my station
I listen for your voice
soft as ancient starlight
computer filtered safe.

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Cold Solace

Perfect snowflakes falling
do not alleviate
aches and pains
nor diminish the tons of snow
in front of me.

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the opposite of facebook

leaning over snow shovels
the neighbor lady and I chat

and I learn more about the history
of the neighborhood

and the history
of the neighbor lady

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