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Herb Kauderer is an associate professor of English at Hilbert College and the author of eleven books of poetry, most recently 'Flying Solo: The Lana Invasion' from Poet's Haven Press. His poem "After" won the 2016 Asimov's Readers' Award. He has written in many other forms as well. Details can be found on his website HerbKauderer.com

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special song

days into camping
the morning slam
of porta-john doors
becomes another song
with the birds & insects

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like a dreary city street
that explodes
at coming of night
with lights & noise
and colliding lives

my dreary
rut-filled life
at merest thoughts
of you

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year after year
I lament
not owning a snowblower

yet here I am again
with shovel in hand
whining into the wind

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