Elle (320 Poems)

I live in a small coastal town on the East Coast...an avid daydreamer... I enjoy getting lost in a poem...

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he reads his book
I trim the boxwood
how well
we get along
when we don’t speak…

(82 Characters incl spaces)


Fragments of Me

like a spider clinging
to her web as it blows
away in the breeze
I hold on to the
fragments that
once were me

(112 Characters incl spaces)


Going Home

pine trees stand
along the horizon
against the purple
sky at dusk
going home

(76 Characters incl spaces)


Let Me

let me be your sunset
peach with a deep pink rose
as evening deepens
a tiny violet bruise

(91 Characters incl spaces)



letting go..
realizing my memories
of us were only stories
I had written…

(82 Characters incl spaces)



He’s Gone

he’s finally gone
I have stolen the
who from all the
and I brace myself
for as yet
an unfelt sorrow

(109 Characters incl spaces)