Elle (317 Poems)

I live in a small coastal town on the East Coast...an avid daydreamer... I enjoy getting lost in a poem...

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as the breeze
picks up
I pull the sky
scented sheet
up over us
our hearts and
windows open

(92 Characters incl spaces)



her body
a ripe peach..
the blush
of moonlight…

(49 Characters incl spaces)



how tender
this morning light ..
falling on the petals
of the hyacinth…

(73 Characters incl spaces)



he reads his book
I trim the boxwood
how well
we get along
when we don’t speak…

(82 Characters incl spaces)


Fragments of Me

like a spider clinging
to her web as it blows
away in the breeze
I hold on to the
fragments that
once were me

(112 Characters incl spaces)