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I am a transcriptionist. I am good at transcription, proofreading, editing and writing.

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Let’s Wait and Watch

Let’s see how things shape
Let’s see what’s stored in future
Let’s wait
Let’s see if there is anything that can be changed, if at all
Let’s wait and watch.

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Time Alone Will Tell

If not in the present, then somewhere in the future
Time alone will tell what’s right and what’s wrong
What is the truth and what’s false
Time alone will tell.

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Glimpses From The Past

Remember the time when the clock was ticking and things working
Everything was fine and clicking
Remember those moments
No need to remember everything from past

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Accustomed is the mind to the changes that take place quite often,
Still somewhere in the mind it is always set to wait and watch before taking the next step.

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It’s time for action

What was thought to be a right start was never a right start right from the beginning
It was just the proper and right action taken at the right moment of time.

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