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I am a transcriptionist. I am good at transcription, proofreading, editing and writing.

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Things To Do

Written on a piece of paper are things to do, priorities to follow
Not only of prestige and importance is the piece of paper, but also it has got a great value.

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The Battle Lines Are Drawn

In a battle between two, one will win and the other will lose
Something will go right, something wrong
Still never take anything for granted on it’s face value.

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All The Best

Believe in yourself
Believe in the world that you live
Have faith and confidence
So what if things did not click this time
Better luck next time
All the best.

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Conflict and Conquest

Better to think of the present in the present moment of time,
once when everything is clear,
then only step out and think ahead with regards to the future.

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There is something that goes on in the mind
Something from past
Some sort of a doubt, then the mind also goes into dilemma
A restless mind tries to seek peace.

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Offer and Discounts

Find a deal from what all you have got in front of your eyes and all that is available
Make a way
When the time is right, at the right moment in time get away.

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