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I am a transcriptionist. I am good at transcription, proofreading, editing and writing.

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Down, But Not Out

When something went wrong,
need of hour is to redefine everything.
Never did it mean to start again
A change in attitude never meant to start all over again.

(157 Characters incl spaces)


A Race Against Time

Realize the fact that life is small,
time short,
so many things need to be done within stipulated time,
important is to get started with something well defined.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Adapting To A Change

Somethings come with time
Somethings come on time
Somethings are learnt with time
Time, however, has always remained not only important, but also precious.

(155 Characters incl spaces)


Needs and Resources

When the mind travels from present towards future,
important is to remember time does not change,
mind changes,
deviation & diversion then becomes part of life.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


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