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On twitter microprose and micropoetry can be found tagged with twitter hastag #artwiculate. This tag is use in conjunction with Artwiculate – the twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words. More info at http://artwiculate.com

Here are the latest artwiculate micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #artwiculate (some tweets below may not be poems)

Garret WOTD? - expecting some lofty #artwiculate tweets tonight

The examiner sets his questions in the garret. He also makes sure there aren't any leaks #artwiculate

Anent Scotts I know hardly anything except their beautiful highlands. #artwiculate

@fount8 Laugh anent it, shout anent it When you've got to choose Every way you look at this you lose #artwiculate

- There’s nothing to say anent anent except to wonder where it went. - #artwiculate (anent) #haiku #twaiku #micropoetry #senryu #mpy #3lines

A good thing Whereabouts? Roundabout Hereabouts But all good things come to anent #artwiculate

Dear John Kim, It's not anent you It's anent me Farewell Don #artwiculate

#artwiculate #haiku Matters archaic - I rarely have a clue what I'm talking anent

I rang the pest guy about a rodent problem..he asked my name. I shouted "You don't need to know my name, I'm anent a mouse!!" #artwiculate

I wish to say some nasty things anent my tenant. #artwiculate

anent / tnena / anent: turn and turn about. #artwiculate

When asked to state of the concerns, she only said, those are means to anent #artwiculate

#Artwiculate forces me to search anent word meanings. Is the game about defining the obscure or is it a bout of obscuring the definition?

#Artwiculate I'd like to talk anent a picnic in a sestet but, crumbs, how do I line it up? I fear I'll be too formic acid.

Anent, or not anent, That is the question. I have of late Though wherefore I know not, Become concerned About anent #artwiculate

It's concerning that, to Donald, everything is anent him An immanent feature of narcissistic psychopathy #artwiculate