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On twitter microprose and micropoetry can be found tagged with twitter hastag #artwiculate. This tag is use in conjunction with Artwiculate – the twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words. More info at http://artwiculate.com

Here are the latest artwiculate micropoems & prose live from twitter. Twitter hastag: #artwiculate (some tweets below may not be poems)

Iron man Through a feminine irony Becomes a copper boy #artwiculate

- What’s ironic is how many people don’t know what irony is. - #artwiculate (irony) #haiku #micropoetry #senryu #mpy #3lines

My Ex didn't see the irony in me wanting to send the search&rescue boys in to find his manhood.His dissonance was our SAR-chasm #artwiculate

Putin helped Trump steal the leadership of the Free World Irony #artwiculate

I stepped to the fool like I was puissant, now I'm lying on my back looking up, like a real piss-ant. Irony... Check! #artwiculate #1PUN

Guns keep you safe. Free speech lets you call for others to be silenced. Irony is enshrined in the U.S. constitution. #artwiculate

Trump's press conference falsehoods reinforced the irony of his 'FAKE NEWS' campaign It's Putin steal #artwiculate

#artwiculate #haiku The irony is Self-fulfilling prophesies Can start out as jokes

#artwiculate The new motto on currency in the US says 'In God We Rust' Oh, the irony

Steel Magnolias:dramatic irony & carbony. #artwiculate

The irony of it is, that satire is not dead, Tom Lehrer #artwiculate because Trump is satire incarnate, a total parody of himself.

For all your irony needs and in case you have a need to know if an example is truly ironic, go to isitironic.com/most_popular.h… #artwiculate