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Have you ever written a cool poem/message on your phone or twitter and wanted a place to save and share them with people who do the same? Well, welcome to Micropoetry.com!

Micropoetry.com was set up to encourage people to write creatively within the small amount of text space provided in social networks platforms like twitter and on our mobile phone SMS. We aim to demonstrate that although your message may be limited in the amount of characters that you can use; your actual message content is unlimited in the amount of feelings, ideas, and emotions that you can express.

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The space between
waking and forgetting
where the mind is the
siren call voice of another
as, next to me, you whisper
really, I’m

(129 characters incl. spaces)


the college walk

there have been so many lost conjugations
hesitated volumes of unavoidable stares
melded thickly together with blinks

(117 characters incl. spaces)


Universal Eyes

We can have fun together,
Whether or not the weather is kind.
The harsh sun couldn’t burn,
The galaxies I seen in your eyes.

(126 characters incl. spaces)



Tick tock, tick tock,
the hands move around
the face of the clock
tick tock, tick tock,
time to take stock.

(107 characters incl. spaces)


water world

ten fathoms down
the only land lies smoothly, stilly
unknowing what lies beyond
its uniform shroud of water

at any distant gravity
the water shakes & reaches

(159 characters incl. spaces)



Chinese cooks have wicked ways
Of overfeeding me
General Tso’s got pickled glaze
That’s laced with #MSG

(103 characters incl. spaces)