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Have you ever written a cool poem/message on your phone or twitter and wanted a place to save and share them with people who do the same? Well, welcome to Micropoetry.com!

Micropoetry.com was set up to encourage people to write creatively within the small amount of text space provided in social networks platforms like twitter and on our mobile phone SMS. We aim to demonstrate that although your message may be limited in the amount of characters that you can use; your actual message content is unlimited in the amount of feelings, ideas, and emotions that you can express.

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Like A Rose

Just like a rose I thought I was,

To be adored I thought I must.

But you’ve seen me just as not,

Like a rose I never was.

(124 Characters incl spaces)


Down, But Not Out

When something went wrong,
need of hour is to redefine everything.
Never did it mean to start again
A change in attitude never meant to start all over again.

(157 Characters incl spaces)


How to find it

Mustering courage
And immeasurable strength
Comes from the heart
Surpassing ego’s limits
For the sake of a good cause

(117 Characters incl spaces)


see spot see spot run

walk with spot
be with spot
play with spot
pray for spot
don’t injure spot
wake up spot
cheer for spot
be there
be here
for spot not a dot

(139 Characters incl spaces)




As the sunlight
Thaws the tundra
The weight of coldness
Releases me
And I stumble forward

(90 Characters incl spaces)


A Race Against Time

Realize the fact that life is small,
time short,
so many things need to be done within stipulated time,
important is to get started with something well defined.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Waiting by the Lake

A sliver of the moon
Sparkles across my face
As I sit by the
Shining lake
Throwing pebbles
Watching ripples
Fighting sleep
Waiting for you
To join me

(150 Characters incl spaces)



Inside the dark room
an energy sparks
where decay rooted itself
in every day;
cyan turquoise white
devouring night,
relinquishing fear.

(135 Characters incl spaces)