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Have you ever written a cool poem/message on your phone or twitter and wanted a place to save and share them with people who do the same? Well, welcome to Micropoetry.com!

Micropoetry.com was set up to encourage people to write creatively within the small amount of text space provided in social networks platforms like twitter and on our mobile phone SMS. We aim to demonstrate that although your message may be limited in the amount of characters that you can use; your actual message content is unlimited in the amount of feelings, ideas, and emotions that you can express.

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We’re waiting here for you
You left so long ago
It’s hard to remember
You said you’d soon return
We’re waiting here for you
It’s hard

(133 characters incl. spaces)



Gone are the days
When the people said please
Here comes the times
Of sore begging knees
Gone are the days
When the people were free
Time is coming, Just see

(157 characters incl. spaces)


Passing On

sorting through my
late uncle’s possessions..
his house full of old memories..
my car full of new acquisitions…

(113 characters incl. spaces)


Blue Roses

bruises of blue roses
drops of blood on and in
the skis of orphans
they are now on
our burden for our misdeed

(110 characters incl. spaces)



a righteous man..
a front porch..
a full moon..
what else is there…

(69 characters incl. spaces)



You will not learn
Of my return
On cable news
Or apps you use
But I’ll know you
As now I do
We’ll meet and then
Goodbye again

(125 characters incl. spaces)



…love of fate
you are the fire
that will #return
and when the fire
returns I will
live my life over
and over
for the…

(122 characters incl. spaces)