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Have you ever written a cool poem/message on your phone or twitter and wanted a place to save and share them with people who do the same? Well, welcome to Micropoetry.com!

Micropoetry.com was set up to encourage people to write creatively within the small amount of text space provided in social networks platforms like twitter and on our mobile phone SMS. We aim to demonstrate that although your message may be limited in the amount of characters that you can use; your actual message content is unlimited in the amount of feelings, ideas, and emotions that you can express.

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Walking Past

Stagnation weeps history
Thankful for dawn beyond darkness
Find your tear in the ocean
Whims challenge destiny
Thankful to you
My tear rescued in your hand

(155 characters incl. spaces)



If you play with fire,
you’ll get burned.

He’s a fire.

She played with it,
and felt it.

But she loved it.

and tomorrow.

(133 characters incl. spaces)


Her belly

Her belly, soft guitar,
strumming with my fingers,
playing with my tongue;
making music,
making love.

(102 characters incl. spaces)


Glimpses From The Past

Remember the time when the clock was ticking and things working
Everything was fine and clicking
Remember those moments
No need to remember everything from past

(160 characters incl. spaces)


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