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Have you ever written a cool poem/message on your phone or twitter and wanted a place to save and share them with people who do the same? Well, welcome to Micropoetry.com!

Micropoetry.com was set up to encourage people to write creatively within the small amount of text space provided in social networks platforms like twitter and on our mobile phone SMS. We aim to demonstrate that although your message may be limited in the amount of characters that you can use; your actual message content is unlimited in the amount of feelings, ideas, and emotions that you can express.

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Moopy moon
Insouciant in its place
Leaving the lone lover
Languishing with
moonlit face

(87 characters incl. spaces)



Spinning sideways to make waves
Hurricanes in black holes
Adding spectrums
Taking me psychadelasized.

(103 characters incl. spaces)



To consume beauty and be consumed by it…
right or wrong, in heaven or hell,
in sin or in grace…

(100 characters incl. spaces)


Green Sky

The sky became green and phosphorescent.
Reflected on the surface of the sea,
it shone a ghastly aquamarine.
Unseen below, sea life mutated.

(140 characters incl. spaces)



time measured lies
left deceiving me
in lost illusive alibis
failed false recovery
lost in the strands of
dead destiny’s hand

(126 characters incl. spaces)

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